Intellectual Property

Safeguarding our know-how

Safeguarding our know-how and our technological advances is a major challenge: our commercial success depends in particular on our ability to obtain patents in order to ensure the protection of our resulting innovations, products and processes. To guarantee the exploitation of our Research and Development results, since the creation of the Company, we have pursued an active policy of securing and strengthening our innovations, through protection of our results from the upstream phase and consolidated improvements made during development.

In 2022, 29 new patents were granted in all the Group’s fields of activity in various countries or regions of the world (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Europe), bringing the number of patents granted to 79 out of the 336 titles in the Group’s portfolio. Of the 58 patent families in the portfolio, 28 families have at least one patent granted out of the titles filed in different countries or regions of the world.





This strategy allows us to guarantee a strategic competitive advantage over sizeable markets to our current and future industrial partners.

Business development model


  • Carbios significantly strengthened its international patent portfolio

    14 January 2021 | 6h45

    11 patents granted in 2020 including seven in the United States Carbios holds 38 patent families worldwide, 18 of which protect its innovative biorecycling process...

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    8 October 2019 | 6h45

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    20 June 2019 | 6h45

    CARBIOS’ recycling technology is the first to enable the enzymatic treatment of all forms of PET plastic waste, including complex plastics and polyester fibers CARBIOS...

  • CARBIOS announces grant of U.S. patent for its PET recycling technology

    28 March 2019 | 6h45

    Company’s PET enzymatic recycling technology recognized for its patentability Core process and technology protected until 2033 CARBIOS now holds 29 patent families worldwide, 11 related...