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5 July 2021 | 18h00

Carbios strengthens its Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Mieke Jacobs, Vincent Kamel, BOLD, Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development and Michelin Ventures are nominated as new members of the Board of Directors


Lise Lucchesi, Intellectual Property Director and Vanina Varlamoff, Legal Affairs and Human Resources Director are nominated to Carbios’ Executive Committee


Carbios announced today the nomination of Mieke Jacobs, Vincent Kamel, BOLD, Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development and Michelin Ventures to its Board of Directors, and the nomination of Lise Lucchesi and Vanina Varlamoff to its Executive Committee.


The appointments of Mieke Jacobs and Vincent Kamel further strengthen Carbios’ Board of Directors. Their strategic vision, as well as their deep knowledge of the polymers and recycling industry, will support Carbios as it expands and industrializes.


Previously observers on the Board of Directors, BOLD, Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development represented by Laurent Schmitt, and Michelin Ventures, represented by Nicolas Seeboth, also joined the Company’s Board of Directors as new members. Following Carbios’ last capital increase[1], these two funds respectively hold 5.91% and 4.36% of the Company’s capital[2].


In parallel, Carbios’ Chief Executive Officer Jean-Claude Lumaret appointed Ms. Lucchesi, Carbios’ Intellectual Property Director and Ms. Varlamoff, Carbios’ Legal Affairs and Human Resources Director, to the Executive Committee. There they join Martin Stephan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Alain Marty, Chief Scientific Officer, and Kader Hidra, Chief Financial Officer. Their combined expertise will help support Carbios’ ambitions and the successful execution of its industrial deployment priorities.


This new structure, which became effective on July 1st, 2021, aims to contribute to the implementation of the Company’s overall strategy.


“At this exciting time in our industrial growth, I am delighted that Lise and Vanina have been appointed to Carbios’ Executive Committee,” Mr. Lumaret noted. “Our company is approaching a significant phase, and their knowledge and experience are significant and valuable assets to our Executive team. The nomination of Mieke and Vincent, as well as BOLD and Michelin Ventures, to Carbios’ Board of Directors, will also have a major influence in bolstering Carbios’ move to industrialization. I would like to express my gratitude to the outgoing Board members, Pascal Juery and Godefroy Motte, for their structuring role and assistance during the phases of Carbios’ early development.”







Mieke Jacobs: Mieke holds a master’s degree in Economics/Engineering from the University of Leuven in Belgium and the University of Bilbao in Spain. Based in Belgium, Mieke has more than 20 years of industrial experience, including global roles in managing operations, supply chain, HR and large change management in Du Pont de Nemours and has been involved in several of the strategic shifts within the company. Since 2017, Mieke is active as an independent executive team facilitator, senior advisor to executive teams and transformational faculty and coach. Her work is focused on strategic change, value protection and value creation. She is also a thought leader, published author and teaches transformational programs.



Vincent Kamel: Vincent is an engineer from École Centrale de Lyon, with more than 35 years’ experience within the polymer and chemical industry (Rhone-Poulenc, Rhodia, Solvay) in France and abroad (China, Korea, Brazil). Vincent has held leading positions such as Managing Director of the Solvay Polyamide Division, Director of Coatis Business Unit and Asia Director for Engineering plastics. He has acquired an in-depth knowledge of regulatory, industrial and commercial aspects related to recycling topics.











Lise Lucchesi: Lise is a biotechnology engineer, holding the CEIPI diploma (Center for International Intellectual Property Studies) and a Specialized master’s in Biotechnology Business Management. After a few years as a market analyst in a green chemistry company, Lise joined Carbios in 2012 as Market Analyst Manager, and then moved to become the Intellectual Property & Contracts Manager. Today, as the Intellectual Property Director of Carbios, she is in charge of the management of the Company’s patents and trademarks portfolio. She also holds responsibility for contracts involving intellectual property rights (license, research collaborations and services, etc.)




Vanina Varlamoff: Vanina is a lawyer, graduated from Paris’ Bar School. After spending few years as a lawyer in Paris, mainly in the fields of Intellectual Property rights protection and communication law, Vanina joined Carbios in 2017 as Legal Manager. Now Director of Legal Affairs and Human Resources, she is mainly in charge of analyzing and drafting strategic contracts. She also supervises the Human Resources department of the Company.





[1] Cf. Press Release, dated May 10th , 2021

[2] As of May 10th, 2021.

  • Carbios strengthens its Board of Directors and Executive Committee

    5 July 2021 | 18h00

    Mieke Jacobs, Vincent Kamel, BOLD, Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development and Michelin Ventures are nominated as new members of the Board of Directors   Lise Lucchesi,...