Carbios’ Governance



The Executive Committee plays a central role in leading the company’s projects:

  • It determines and monitors actions to be carried out in the business;
  • It oversees operations;
  • It coordinates approaches to cross-functional issues and projects;
  • It contributes to improving relationships with academics and industrials;
  • It anticipates and prepares for organisational and strategic developments for the Company.


These highly experienced executives act as a team in charge of the implementation of Carbios’ strategy, ensuring that action plans are coordinated and applied throughout Company.

Executive Committee

Emmanuel Ladent

Chief Executive Officer

Lionel Arras

Industrial Development Director

Sophie Balmary

Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Mathieu Berthoud

Sourcing Director

Pascal Bricout

Chief Strategy and Financial Officer

Delphine Denoizé

Innovation Programs Funding, Regulation and LCA Director

Stéphane Ferreira

Chief Business Officer

Bénédicte Garbil

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

Lise Lucchesi

Intellectual Property Director

Alain Marty, PHD

Chief Scientific Officer

The board of Directors

The Board of Directors’ task is to determine the operating priorities of the Company and ensure they are implemented. Its members have strong complementary expertise in industry, research and finance and high-level international experience.


Dr. Philippe Pouletty


Karine Auclair

Board Member

Sandrine Conseiller

Board Member

Prof. Juan de Pablo

Board member

Amandine De Souza

Board Member

Vincent Kamel

Board Member

Emmanuel Ladent

Board Member

Isabelle Parize

Board member

Laurent Schmitt – BOLD, Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development

Board Member

Global Head of Corporate Finance and Financial Communication; CEO of BOLD

Mateus Schreiner Garcez Lopes

Board Member

Nicolas Seeboth – Michelin Ventures

Board Member

Research Director Polymers and Chemical Additives

Alen Vukic

Censor – Copernicus

The scientific advisory board

The Scientific Advisory Board (or « SAB ») is a consultative scientific committee that was formed to assist the Board of Directors with all scientific issues, by providing advice, suggestions and recommendations.

The Scientific Committee is composed of the following members: Prof. Alain Marty, member and Chairman of this Committee and M. Juan DE PABLO et Mme Karine AUCLAIR.

Audit committee

Carbios’ Board of Directors decided to create an independent Audit Committee with its own specific areas of responsibility. The Company referred to the “Report of the Working Group on Audit Committees” of the AMF working group of 22 July 2010 in defining the characteristics of this Committee.

In accordance with article L.823-19 of the French commercial code, the Audit Committee is responsible in particular for monitoring:

  • the process for producing financial information;
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of internal control and risk management systems;
  • the statutory audit of the annual and consolidated financial statements by the statutory auditors; and
  • the independence of the statutory auditors.


In addition, the Committee issues a recommendation on statutory auditors proposed for appointment to the Shareholders’ Meeting. It reports regularly to the Board of Directors on its tasks and informs the Board immediately of any issues or concerns.

The Committee can at any time discuss any significant financial or accounting question related to its areas of responsability and provide its opinions or recommendations to the Board.

The Board may also entrust the Committee with any other assignments it deems appropriate.

Pursuant to article L.823-19 of the French commercial code, it is up to the Board to establish the Committee’s composition. Nevertheless, the Committee must be made up exclusively of Board members who do not have management responsibilities in the Company.

Composition of the Audit Committee: 

Mrs. Isabelle PARIZE and Mr. Nicolas SEEBOTH are members of the Audit Committee. Mrs. Isabelle PARIZE is the President.
Mr. Alain CHEVALLIER is an external consultant within the Audit Committee.

In accordance with the applicable legal requirements, these directors have specific financial or accounting expertise.