CARBIOS joins Paris Good Fashion to accelerate textile circularity and contribute to more sustainable fashion

CARBIOS-Paris Good Fashion-Member

Clermont-Ferrand, France, Tuesday 26 March 2024 (06.45am CET) CARBIOS (Euronext Growth Paris: ALCRB), a pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies to reinvent the life cycle of plastic and textiles, announces its membership to Paris Good Fashion, the association that unites over 100 French players in the sector - brands, designers and experts - around their commitment to sustainable fashion. CARBIOS is the first recycling technology supplier to join, demonstrating the importance given to recycling to achieve textile circularity. By contributing its revolutionary solution for the biorecycling of polyester, the world's most widely used and fastest-growing textile fiber, CARBIOS aims to contribute Paris Good Fashion’s mission, which focuses on concrete actions, best practice sharing and collective intelligence to accelerate change in the fashion industry.

Developing the "fiber-to-fiber" industry


CARBIOS will be particularly involved in the association's project to set up a working group dedicated to the development of a "fiber-to-fiber" industry, one of Paris Good Fashion's top priorities over the next five years. While only 1% of textiles are currently recycled fiber-to-fiber (circular), this working group will identify levers for significantly increasing the share of recycled fibers in the industry.  By way of example, polyester currently follows a linear model from which we need to break out: virgin polyester is made from petroleum, and recycled polyester from PET bottles. After use, most of these products end their lives in landfill or incineration. A circular, "fiber-to-fiber" industry will give new life to textiles and reduce the environmental impact associated to their end-of-life management.

Becoming a member of Paris Good Fashion is an important step in CARBIOS’ development, and an obvious one given our shared commitment to a circular textile industry. By uniting around textile circularity, CARBIOS and Paris Good Fashion’s members will further develop the "fiber-to-fiber" industry, a French industry that can be a driving force for change on the international stage for exemplary sustainable fashion.

Bénédicte Garbil, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

The future of circular fashion will inevitably involve the development of an efficient Fiber-to-Fiber industry in Europe. The integration of CARBIOS within Paris Good Fashion, as a member, represents the importance of supporting and accompanying this industry. After the GRAAL project, which enabled us and the (RE)SET agency to analyze recycling technologies and support three of them, we are delighted to support CARBIOS. Together, we'll be working to create an alliance of the players involved, so that we can move forward collectively, meaningfully and concretely.

Isabelle Lefort, co-founder Paris Good Fashion

CARBIOS is a biotech company developing and industrializing biological solutions to reinvent the life cycle of plastic and textiles.  Inspired by nature, CARBIOS develops enzyme-based processes to break down plastic with a mission to avoid plastic and textile pollution, and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Its two disruptive technologies for the biorecycling of PET and the biodegradation of PLA are reaching industrial and commercial scale.  Its biorecycling demonstration plant has been operational since 2021 and a first industrial plant, in partnership with Indorama Ventures, is due to be commissioned in 2025.  CARBIOS, founded in 2011 by Truffle Capital, has received scientific recognition, notably with the cover of Nature, and is supported by prestigious brands in the cosmetics, Food & Beverage and apparel industries to enhance their products’ recyclability and circularity. Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe are members of a packaging consortium founded by CARBIOS and L’Oréal. On, Patagonia, PUMA, PVH Corp. and Salomon collaborate with CARBIOS in a textile consortium.


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